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The Devonian in Georgia, US

Devonian in Georgia map

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Devonian Fossils

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Paleontology and geology

In the Devonian, a broad and relatively deep marine environment spread into the northern part of Georgia. Reducing circulation caused oxygen-poor conditions and the deposition of muds rich in organic material. Not much marine life was able to live in these bottom waters, although some burrows indicate sporadic colonization of the sea floor. The Appalachians were undergoing a second episode of mountain building (the Acadian Orogeny), which was caused by the closing of the Iapetus Ocean. In the north-central part of Georgia, large bodies of igneous material solidified below the surface as a result of this orogeny. The most famous of these structures is Stone Mountain, a large granitic intrusion now exposed near Atlanta. This map indicates the presence of Devonian rocks in northwestern Georgia; however, no Devonian fossils are known from the state.

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Education and Exhibits

Education and Exhibits

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Virtual Museum of Fossils: Geosciences, at Georgia's Valdosta State University, presents an interactive virtual museum of invertebrate and vertebrate fossil specimens. Explore the collection by animal, or by time period from Precambrian to Quaternary. Maps are detailed and include ecosystem distribution. Fossil photographs, many showing multiple views, list information about where the fossil was found, and how it is categorized taxonomically. Some pages feature a drawing of the animal's skeleton showing the fossil bone in red.

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