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Copyright Notice

General Notice
Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

Except as noted, materials appearing on this server (www.paleoportal.org) may not be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system without prior written permission of the publisher and in no case for profit.

Contact the Tapestry webmaster to inquire about use of these materials.

Images in the Fossil Gallery
The photographs contributed to the Fossil Gallery in the Tapestry site have been contributed by a variety of organizations and individuals. They have agreed that the photographs may be used freely for personal, academic, and non-profit use as described below. However, these various contributors maintain copyright and require prior permission for commercial use of photos. Please follow the usage guidelines.

Personal, academic, and non-profit use
Personal, academic, and non-profit use includes school reports, academic web pages, personal "hobby" pages, and pamphlets, flyers, web pages, and other publications assembled by someone in a non-profit or governmental agency for non-commercial use.

The photographs may be used for any non-commercial, non-profit use without prior permission. However, please include a citation that credits the photographer and contributing organization on any photos you use, and notify the contributing organization or individual of your use. Citation and contact information can be found on the "Photo Details" page for each photograph.

For non-profit web use, we suggest that you link to the image, rather than down-loading and saving the images on your local disk.

Commercial use of photos
Commercial, for-profit use includes web pages for commercial enterprises, paid consulting work on behalf of non-profit or for-profit agencies, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, journals, field guides and any other printed media that is sold for profit. This use must be negotiated with the photographer, copyright holder, or contributing organization. Each photograph in the Fossil Gallery collection has information about whom to contact for permission, or to get more information about higher resolution images and licensing fees.

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