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The Devonian in Missouri, US

Devonian in Missouri map

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Devonian Fossils

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Paleontology and geology

Devonian rocks in Missouri occur in the subsurface of much of northern Missouri, but surface exposures are relatively scarce. This map indicates a small exposure in the extreme southwest, but these rocks can also be seen along the Missouri River in the central part of the state and in eastern Missouri. The oldest Devonian rocks are sediments deposited on the floor of a retreating sea. These sediments became limestones, sandstones, and shales, some of which are rich in fossils of marine organisms. Teeth and spines of shark-like fish and the teeth of armored fish called placoderms have been found in some of these rocks. Reefs containing brachiopods, corals, bryozoans, and trilobites can be found in central Missouri.

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Research and Collections

Research and Collections

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Dr. Thomas W. Kammer: Specialty: Evolutionary paleoecology of Paleozoic crinoids, plus lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphy of marine Mississippian rocks in the east-central United States. Field areas include West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.

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