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The Tertiary

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Localities of the Eocene: The Green River Formation: Visit this exhibit for more information on the rocks, fossils, and history of research of the Green River Formation, including references. Explore other exhibits on the UC Museum of Paleontology site to find out about the Tertiary period and the animals that lived during that time.

Sabertooths!: This page by the UC Museum of Paleontology discusses saber-toothed carnivores. It offers details on examples from two different geological periods: Smilodon, from the Pleistocene-aged La Brea Tar Pits, and the Oligocene-aged Hoplophoneus.

Fossil Horses in Cyberspace: Learn about paleontology and evolution by exploring the rich fossil record of horses. Discover what's in a name, tales told by toes, stratigraphy, geological time scales and amazing facts about many types of fossil horses.

Ancient Denvers: Ancient Denvers is a virtual exhibit that highlights 13 reconstructions of ancient Colorado landscapes.

When Crocodiles Ruled: An interactive journey through the Paleocene of North Dakota, shortly after the dinosaurs died out.

Pipe Creek Sinkhole: Information about a locality in Grant County, Indiana—an ancient sinkhole containing Pliocene and Pleistocene fossils.

The Gray Fossil Site: Located in the Valley-and-Ridge province in East Tennessee, near the community of Gray, this site includes vertebrate bones, aquatic invertebrates, leaf imprints, organic debris, botanicals, compressed wood, charcoal, and more. This web exhibit offers images and detailed explanations of the site's features.

Virtual Museum of Fossils: Geosciences, at Georgia's Valdosta State University, presents an interactive virtual museum of invertebrate and vertebrate fossil specimens. Explore the collection by animal, or by time period from Precambrian to Quaternary. Maps are detailed and include ecosystem distribution. Fossil photographs, many showing multiple views, list information about where the fossil was found, and how it is categorized taxonomically. Some pages feature a drawing of the animal's skeleton showing the fossil bone in red.

The Third Planet - a walk through geologic time: This virtual exhibit offers a tour of the Milwaukee Public Museum's geology exhibits, depicting the continuing evolution of the Earth from the Precambrian to present.

Fossil Horses in Cyberspace: Take a tour of the Fossil Horse Cybermuseum to learn about palentology and evolution by exploring the rich fossil record of horses. Created by the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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