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The Tertiary

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Geology and Paleontology of Red Rock Canyon: See vertebrate fossils collected in our popular weekend field trips by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 

The Joffre Bridge Fossil Exhibition: The Joffre Bridge Roadcut locality reveals a diverse collection of Paleocene terrestrial and freshwater fauna and flora. This site describes the locality, its fossils, its history and how paleontologists have reconstructed its ancient environment.

Paleo Video: Kaitlin Maguire at the John Day Fossil Beds: Watch this video and join University of California Museum of Paleontology graduate student Kaitlin Maguire on a field trip to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument! After visiting the park in 2009, Kaitlin decided that it was the perfect place to do her dissertation research.

Fact Monster: The Tertiary Period: An encyclopedia entry describing the Tertiary Period, including a pronunciation key and a discussion of the history of the name.

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