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Fossils of Newfoundland and Labrador: A general overview of the types, ages, and locations of the province's fossils. Also discusses the uses of fossils, plus tips on collecting and identification.

Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage site information: UNESCO World Heritage page on Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta.

Fossils From The Kettleman Hills, California: The 4.5 to 2.0 million-year-old Pliocene-age fossils that occur in the Kettleman Hills, roughly 80 miles northwest of Bakersfield, California.

Fossils In Death Valley National Park: The paleontology, geology and natural wonders of Death Valley National Park (and more); many images of fossils; field trips; paleontology links, plus links to Death Valley.

Middle Triassic Ammonoids From Nevada: A virtual visit to a world-famous fossil ammonoid locality in Nevada roughly 235 million years old--it could well be the single best middle Triassic ammonoid locality in the world; many images of fossils; on-site images.

List of Dinosaurs: This dinosaur listing is data-packed and can be sorted by dinosaur length, weight, time period, etc.

Dinosaur Society: The Dinosaur Society encourages everyone to learn about and enjoy dinosaurs, and to support the work of people engaged in the science of palaeontology

Introduction to the Porifera: These pages from the UC Museum of Paleontology discuss the fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology of sponges (Porifera).

The Age of Dinosaurs in Iowa: This page summarizes and illustrates dinosaur fossils found in the state of Iowa.

Recent and Fossil Bryozoa: A reference page for all bryozoan families and genera, many with species lists, some with illustrations (mainly Australian). Includes a glossary and published references by year back to 1970, with new taxa. Some pdfs of old references.

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