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Discovery of a New Pterosaur Tracksite at Flaming Gorge Reservoir: Significant tracksite along the shores of Flaming Gorge Reservoir containing trackways from a sauropaud dinosaur and pterosaurs, or flying reptiles. From the Utah Geological Survey web site.

Mammoth Tusk Discovery: This site from the Utah Geological Survey adds to our knowledge of life along the shores of Lake Bonneville during the Quaternary Period in Utah.

Trilobites and the Cambrian Environment in Utah: Trilobites are probably the most common fossils collected in Utah; many world-class specimens from this state reside in museums throughout the world. This page from the Utah Geological Survey web site offers information on what trilobites are and where they are found in Utah.

The Dinosaur FAQ: This collection of documents answers frequently asked questions about dinosaurs, and in doing so seeks to present a digestible tutorial on scientific background concepts such as taxonomy, phylogeny and anatomy. It is targeted at the intelligent layperson. It was assembled by an amateur, based on information provided by professionals and others on the Internet's Dinosaur Mailing List, and has been checked for accuracy by professional palaeontologists.

Permian Tetrapods: Web site dedicated to Permian tetrapods with particular attention to the North American ones.

Links for Palaeobotanists: An annotated collection of pointers to information on paleobotany or to WWW resources which may be of use to paleobotanists and paleontologists.

Ice Age Animals: A look at ice age animal finds in Utah during the Pleistocene. From the Utah Geological Survey.

Latest Links for Cretaceous in Utah: Utah’s Newly Recognized Dinosaur Record from the Early Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation. From the Utah Geological Survey.

Utah in the Age of Dinosaurs (aka “The Mesozoic Era”): Utah has perhaps the best Mesozoic rock record in the world. This web site from the Utah Geological Survey offers information on Utah dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Period.

Early Cretaceous Dinosaurs of Utah: This web site, from the Utah Geological Survey, offers detailed information on the dinosaurs of the Early Cretaceous, Cedar Mountain Formation.

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