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North Carolina

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Department of Geography and Geology, UNCW: Home page for the Department of Geography and Geology at University of North Carolina Wilmington; contains links to course and faculty web pages.

North Carolina State University Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences: Our department offers PhD and MS programs in Paleontology. Undergraduates may pursue an Earth Sciences BS with a focus on paleontology and have many opportunities for research and fieldwork.

Department of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: The Department of Geological Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate courses in paleontology.

East Carolina University Department of Geology: Undergraduates can choose from three concentrations: Coastal and Marine Geology, Environmental Geology, and General Geology. Graduate students can undertake research in almost any field of geology, but, many students investigate problems in coastal, environmental and hydrogeology. Page includes information on departmental research activities, including Paleozoic tectonics and Holocene climate and sea level change.

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