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The Precambrian in Manitoba, Canada

Precambrian in Manitoba map

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Precambrian Fossils

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Paleontology and geology

Precambrian rocks make up most of the exposed bedrock in Manitoba, running in a wide band from southeast to northwest. They belong to two geologic provinces based on their common histories. The Superior Province in the southeast contains the oldest rocks, dating back to 3.5-2.5 Ga. Rocks in the northwest belong to the Churchill Province and range in age from 2.8-1.7 Ga. The metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks in these provinces are the remnants of ancient islands, continents, mountains, and oceans, and they record many episodes of mountain-building, volcanism, and rifting over their long history. These events left the rocks with many economically important minerals, such as copper, zinc, gold, and nickel, all of which are mined today. After being raised up into mountain ranges on the early continent, these rocks were exposed and eroded down to a large plain by the beginning of the Cambrian.

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Education and Exhibits

Education and Exhibits

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The Dawn of Animal Life: While most people know of the dinosaurs from a mere 70 million years ago, very few are aware that the Earth's fossil record stretches over 3 billion years into the past. Using exclusively Canadian rocks and fossils, this exhibit highlights almost three billion years of early evolution when only simple, soft-bodied creatures inhabited the Earth.

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