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The Tertiary in Utah, US

Tertiary in Utah map

Generalized geologic map from the Utah Geological Survey.

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Tertiary Fossils
Fossil photos from Tertiary in Utah

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Paleontology and geology

The Uinta Mountains and several other large areas of uplift formed during the Early Tertiary. Periodically, extensive fresh water lakes covered central Utah. Fossils representing a diverse fauna of invertebrates, fish, reptiles, and birds that lived in and around this lake system are found in the Green River Formation in eastern Utah. By the Late Tertiary, the lakes had nearly vanished, and terrestrial sediments from this time contain fossils of large mammals, most notably the bizarre uintatheres. Volcanic activity increased, resulting in thousands of square miles of lava flows, tuffs, and intrusions. Uplift of the Colorado Plateau and the formation of the Basin and Range topography began in the Late Tertiary.

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Paleogeography of the Southwestern U.S.: The paleogeography of the southwestern U.S. from 1.8 billion years ago to 10 million years ago. Text and images by Dr. Ron Blakey from Northern Arizona University.

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Field Guides (showing 1 of 1 listings)

Green River Paleobotany Project: This site is geared towards amateurs and professionals who collect fossil plants from the Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation in Colorado and Utah. The site provides an identification guide for more than 250 species of fossil plants and encourages collectors to submit images of their own fossils if they think they have found a new species.

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