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The Tertiary in Tennessee, US

Tertiary in Tennessee map

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Tertiary Fossils

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Paleontology and geology

A warm tropical sea periodically flooded western Tennessee during the Tertiary. Fossils of marine organisms can be found in these sediments. The eastern part of the state was above sea level, and the landscape was dominated by large rivers, swamps, and forests. The Gray Fossil Site in far northeastern Tennessee (Washington County) was discovered during road construction in 2000 and appears to represent an ancient sink hole into which many animals fell and were trapped. Fossil remains include rhinoceros, the short-faced bear Plionarctos, a gomphothere (an early elephant), tapir, peccary, a badger, a lesser panda, and alligators.

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Education and Exhibits

Education and Exhibits

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The Gray Fossil Site: Located in the Valley-and-Ridge province in East Tennessee, near the community of Gray, this site includes vertebrate bones, aquatic invertebrates, leaf imprints, organic debris, botanicals, compressed wood, charcoal, and more. This web exhibit offers images and detailed explanations of the site's features.

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