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The Quaternary in Tennessee, US

Quaternary in Tennessee map

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Quaternary Fossils

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Paleontology and geology

Quaternary sediments are exposed in a band along the western border of the state; material of this time interval occurs in other parts of Tennessee, but the exposures are too small to show up on this map. One such area is in Williamson County in central Tennessee, where two mastodon skeletons have been uncovered at the Coats-Hines site.

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Education and Exhibits

Education and Exhibits

Virtual Exhibits (showing 2 of 2 listings)

The Gray Fossil Site: Located in the Valley-and-Ridge province in East Tennessee, near the community of Gray, this site includes vertebrate bones, aquatic invertebrates, leaf imprints, organic debris, botanicals, compressed wood, charcoal, and more. This web exhibit offers images and detailed explanations of the site's features.

Gray Fossil Museum: ETSU's prolific Miocene-aged fossil site at neighboring Gray, Tennessee, is attracting scholars, volunteers, and visitors from across the country seeking to learn about the rich paleoecology of Southern Appalachia. This is the website for the associated Museum.

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