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The Triassic in Texas, US

Triassic in Texas map

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Triassic Fossils
Fossil photos from Triassic in Texas

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Paleontology and geology

The Texas Triassic is well represented by a series of formations (the Dockum Group) found in the High Plains north of Amarillo, in the Caprock south of Lubbock, and to the south and east of Big Spring. The Dockum consists of sands and shales deposited in a large fluvial (river) system and has a well-documented vertebrate fossil record. At this time, the supercontinent of Pangea was in the early stages of its breakup, and the Gulf of Mexico was beginning to open. The occurence of Triassic rocks are shown in the north-central part of Texas on this map.

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Museums (showing 2 of 2 listings)

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History: The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a leader in informal science education and provides hundreds of programs aimed at engaging children and families in learning. DinoDigĀ® combines life-sized representations of dinosaurs with a large outdoor discovery area where visitors can become amateur paleontologists and dig for dinosaur bones. There is also a permanent exhibit of Texas dinosaurs featuring several mounted specimens.

Museum of Texas Tech University: Contains information on visiting the museum, along with a synopsis of an exhibit focusing on the Triassic of western Texas.

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