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The Devonian in Oklahoma, US

Devonian in Oklahoma map

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Devonian Fossils
Fossil photos from Devonian in Oklahoma

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Paleontology and geology

Although this map does not show any Devonian surface rocks, other geologic maps indicate Devonian or undifferentiated Silurian-Devonian rocks in several areas near the eastern edge of Oklahoma and small regions in the south-central and southwestern parts of the state. The presence of brachiopod, trilobite, bryozoan, and crinoid fossils in the Arbuckle Mountains indicates that a shallow sea was present in this area during the Early Devonian. The sea withdrew and the state was exposed to erosion for much of the rest of the Period, but returned once again by the Late Devonian. Thick deposits of black shale (the Chattanooga Shale) are evidence that these later marine waters were oxygen-poor across most of the state.

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Education and Exhibits

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Trilobites of Oklahoma: This site provides a gallery of images of Oklahoma trilobites, with additional classification and locality information. The trilobites are Silurian to Devonian in age.

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Research and Collections

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Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History: On the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. One of the finest university-based museums in the nation, with an active Paleontology research program and extensive collections. 

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