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The Jurassic

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Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History: On the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. One of the finest university-based museums in the nation, with an active Paleontology research program and extensive collections. 

Database of the Former British Petroleum Microfossil Collection at the NHM, London: In 1991 BP donated to The Natural History Museum their Micropalaeontological Collection. This collection has an extensive geographical and stratigraphic coverage and is a record of BP’s exploration activity since the 1950s.

The database hold details of material from over 3,500 individual well runs. The collection includes micropalaeontological assemblage slides and residues; palynological slides and residues and nannofossil slides from wells and outcrop from over 120 countries world-wide.

The Former Aberystwyth Microfossil Collection: This on-line catalogue is designed for university academics and industrial micropalaeontologists who are interested in post Palaeozoic ostracods and foraminifera. Searching this database gives broad information about discrete collections within the Former Aberystwyth University Micropalaeontology Collection that is now housed at the NHM.

Carnegie Museum: Invertebrate Paleontology Section: The Carnegie Museum of Natural History Section of Invertebrate Paleontology has more than 100 years of research, field work, educational outreach (PALS), and exhibits on Phanerozoic life. Our collections number more than three-quarters of a million specimens with some 11,000 type and figured specimens published in more than 300 professional publications. Our type and collection strengths are concentrated in the Lower and Upper Paleozoic rocks of the Appalachians, mid-continent, and western Interior Seaway. 

Transantarctic Vertebrate Paleontology Project: The Transantarctic Vertebrate Paleontology Project involves the collection and study of Triassic to Jurassic age vertebrates from the southern Transantarctic Mountains near the Beardmore and Shackleton Glaciers, Antarctica. William R. Hammer of Augustana College, currently the Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation grant supporting this research, has led seven vertebrate collecting expeditions to these regions since 1977. To date faunas of four different ages have been studied. Included among the taxa discovered are synapsids, prolacertids, procolophonids, a rauisuchid and a variety of temnospondyl amphibians from the Early Triassic, synapsids and large capitosaurid temnospondyls from the early Middle Triassic, a few indeterminant bone fragments and a dicynodont tusk from the Late Traissic, and a theropod, prosauropod, ?sauropod, tritylodont, and pterosaur from the Early Jurassic.

Un Pterosauro Tamaulipeco: A report on fossil vertebrates recovered from an Early Jurassic site in Tamaulipas since 1985.

Foraminifera illustrated catalog: Foraminifera illustrated catalog by genus, locality and geological time

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