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Green River Paleobotany Project: This site is geared towards amateurs and professionals who collect fossil plants from the Parachute Creek Member of the Green River Formation in Colorado and Utah. The site provides an identification guide for more than 250 species of fossil plants and encourages collectors to submit images of their own fossils if they think they have found a new species.

Fossils At Red Rock Canyon State Park, California: This site is devoted to the paleontology, geology, and natural history of Red Rock Canyon State Park, California; many images of fossils, scenic images of the park, plus images of wildflowers.

The Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed, Southern California: Take a virtual field trip to the classic Sharktooth Hill fossil bone bed northeast of Bakersfield, California; includes text, images of fossils, on-site images and paleontology links.

Fossil Plants Of The Ione Basin, California: The fossil plants of the Middle Eocene Ione Formation, Amador County, California; many images of fossil leaves, plus on-site images of field trips to the fossil leaf localities.

Fossil Bones In The Coso Range, California: Visit a 4.8 to 3.0 million-year-old vertebrate fossil locality in the Coso Range, Inyo County, California; includes images of fossils, plus on-site images.

Fossil Plants At Aldrich Hill, Nevada: A virtual field trip to a famous fossil plant locality in, Nevada; detailed text; on-site images; many images of fossils.

Field Trip To The Copper Basin Fossil Flora, Nevada: Take a virtual field trip to a 40-million-year-old fossil plant locality in northeastern Nevada; detailed text; images of fossils; on-site images.

Fossil Plants And Insects At Bull Run, Nevada: Take a virtual field trip to a 37-million-year-old fossil plant and insect locality; detailed text; images of fossils; on-site images.

Fossil Insects And Vertebrates On The Mojave Desert, California: Virtual field trips to two world-famous fossil localities in the middle Miocene Barstow Formation, California; detailed text, with images of fossils and on-site photos.

Fossil Leaves And Seeds In West-Central Nevada: A virtual field trip to a fabulously productive Middle Miocene plant locality in Nevada, where the Middlegate Formation yields the leaves of evergreen live oaks, leaves from many species of deciduous trees and shrubs, plus winged conifer seeds.

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