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The Quaternary

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Utah’s Wildlife in the Ice Age: This site, from the Utah Geological Survey, features a summary of northern Utah fossils, giving us a deeper understanding of wildlife that came before us.

Quaternary Geology of the Yukon Territory: A pdf describing the Quaternary geology of the Yukon Territory.

Fossils In Death Valley National Park: The paleontology, geology and natural wonders of Death Valley National Park (and more); many images of fossils; field trips; paleontology links, plus links to Death Valley.

List of Dinosaurs: This dinosaur listing is data-packed and can be sorted by dinosaur length, weight, time period, etc.

Mammoth Tusk Discovery: This site from the Utah Geological Survey adds to our knowledge of life along the shores of Lake Bonneville during the Quaternary Period in Utah.

Ice Age Animals: A look at ice age animal finds in Utah during the Pleistocene. From the Utah Geological Survey.

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