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The Cretaceous

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Dinosaurs of South Dakota: This site provides an overview of the dinosaurs that lived in South Dakota during the Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Colgate's dinosaur egg: Through an improbable and fortuitous set of circumstances, Colgate University came to possess one of the first dinosaur eggs ever discovered, yielding the first definitive evidence of how some dinosaurs reproduced. Our 80 million-year-old specimen is from the first clutch of dinosaur eggs found at the Flaming Cliffs during Roy Chapman Andrews’ 1923 expedition to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. This virtual exhibit, which amplifies the small physical exhibit of the egg on display in the Linsley Museum (Lathrop Hall at Colgate University), explains the historical, cultural, and scientific importance of our Oviraptor egg.

Museum of the Rockies Dinosaur Paleontology Videos: This page contains links to several short films produced at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana (home to dinosaur paleontologist Jack Horner).

The Cretaceous Period: This site from the University of California museum of paleontology offers basic information on the stratigraphy, ancient life, localities and tectonics of this period.

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