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The Cretaceous

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Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History: On the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. One of the finest university-based museums in the nation, with an active Paleontology research program and extensive collections. 

Database of the Former British Petroleum Microfossil Collection at the NHM, London: In 1991 BP donated to The Natural History Museum their Micropalaeontological Collection. This collection has an extensive geographical and stratigraphic coverage and is a record of BP’s exploration activity since the 1950s.

The database hold details of material from over 3,500 individual well runs. The collection includes micropalaeontological assemblage slides and residues; palynological slides and residues and nannofossil slides from wells and outcrop from over 120 countries world-wide.

Duxbury (1983) database of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts: Duxbury (1983) is one of the most important publications for workers in Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts. The collection, housed in the Micropalaeontology Division, consists of over 100 slides. The publication describes 102 taxa of which 2 genera and 20 species are described as new.

The Former Aberystwyth Microfossil Collection: This on-line catalogue is designed for university academics and industrial micropalaeontologists who are interested in post Palaeozoic ostracods and foraminifera. Searching this database gives broad information about discrete collections within the Former Aberystwyth University Micropalaeontology Collection that is now housed at the NHM.

Killer Dinosaur Turned Vegetarian: Discovery of a new species of dinosaur from Utah, Falcarius utahensis, provided clues about how vicious meat-eaters evolved into plant-eating vegetarians. This site features photographs and information on the dinosaur.

The Tlayúa quarry near Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla, Mexico: Information about this Cretaceous fossil site that has been studied by researchers from UNAM's Institute of Geology for more than ten years.

Research at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology: A description of the holdings and current research underway at the museum.

Don Brinkman PaleoProfile: Brinkman is Curator of Vertebrates at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and works on Cretaceous turtles and paleoecology, especially in Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Foraminifera illustrated catalog: Foraminifera illustrated catalog by genus, locality and geological time

Fossils of North Central Texas: This website by an amateur collector in the Dallas-Fort Worth area includes fossils, maps, and trip pictures, as well as information on formations, geology, and more.

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