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The Cambrian

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Burgess Shale Exhibit- University of California Museum of Paleontology: Find additional information and links on the fossils and paleoenvironment of the Burgess Shale.

Virtual Museum of Fossils: Geosciences, at Georgia's Valdosta State University, presents an interactive virtual museum of invertebrate and vertebrate fossil specimens. Explore the collection by animal, or by time period from Precambrian to Quaternary. Maps are detailed and include ecosystem distribution. Fossil photographs, many showing multiple views, list information about where the fossil was found, and how it is categorized taxonomically. Some pages feature a drawing of the animal's skeleton showing the fossil bone in red.

The Third Planet - a walk through geologic time: This virtual exhibit offers a tour of the Milwaukee Public Museum's geology exhibits, depicting the continuing evolution of the Earth from the Precambrian to present.

Trilobites of America: Images and taxonomic and locality information for trilobites occurring in North America (the U.S. and Canada). Specimens are ordered according to geologic periods.

First Families of Chicago: Local geology of the Chicago, Illinois, area, complete with descriptions of the fossils found there.

The Burgess Shale: This visually stunning online exhibition from the Royal Ontario Museum and Parks Canada, addresses aspects of history, research, education, outreach and visitor access to one of the most famous paleontological sites in the world. See amazing 3D animations, digital reconstructions and high-resolution images of the Burgess fossils. 

Cambrian Explosion Fossils of Utah - America's Burgess Shale: The Middle Cambrian Wheeler Shale and Marjum Formation are exposed within the House Range west of Delta, Utah. Both formations are famous for their trilobites and other shelly fossils, but also contain a rich diversity of fossils of soft-bodied animals, some of which are shown in this gallery.

Localities of the Cambrian: The Marble Mountains: This UC Museum of Paleontology exhibit introduces the Marble Mountains, located in southeastern California. These mountains have a rich Cambrian fossil biota that is well-exposed in the southern part of the range.

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