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© 2003 Thomas Kammer

Shelbyoceras robustum
Shelbyoceras robustum
© 2005 Nicholas Angeli

Dentalium stentor
Dentalium stentor
© 2009 Instituto de Geología, UNAM

What are Other Molluscs? There are a number of less familiar groups of molluscs that have a fossil record, such as:

Tusk shells (Scaphopoda) live buried in sediment inside their tusk-shaped, conical shells. They first appear in the Cambrian.
Chitons (Polyplacophora) have a “shell” made of seven to eight plates and can be seen in tide pools attached to rocks. They first appear in the Cambrian.
Limpet-like molluscs (Monoplacophora) have a single cap-shaped shell. They first appear in the Ordovician.

First known fossil occurrence: Cambrian.

Last known fossil occurrence: Quaternary. This group has living relatives.

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