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Other Invertebrates

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© 1998 Joseph Deuel, Petrified Sea Gardens

© 2003 Milwaukee Public Museum

Fossundecima konecniorum
Fossundecima konecniorum
© 2005 The Virtual Fossil Museum

What are Other Invertebrates? This group contains a wide variety of animals that have a long, but patchy, fossil record, including nematodes, flatworms, annelids, ctenophores, rotifers, and scolecodonts, among others. Also included here are organisms such as stromatoporoids, archaeocyaths, and receptaculitids that cannot be easily placed in any other invertebrate group. The archaeocyaths first appeared in the Cambrian and were extinct by the end of the period. The remaining taxa appeared later in the Phanerozoic, and some are still around today.

First known fossil occurrence: Cambrian.

Last known fossil occurrence: Quaternary. This group has living relatives.

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