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Other Arthropods

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Zanclodesmus willetti
© 2008 Miguasha National Park, Quebec

Euphoberiidae tracta
Euphoberiidae tracta
© 2005 The Virtual Fossil Museum

What are Other Arthropods? This group consists of the arthropods that are not members of the Chelicerates, Crustaceans, Trilobites, or Insects. Members of this group first appear in the Cambrian and are still present today. They include:

Velvet worms (Onychophora) and their extinct relatives from the Cambrian lack exoskeletons and are noted for their many thick, stubby legs and segmented heads.
The millipedes and centipedes (Myriapods, meaning “10,000 legs”) have bodies with many segments and many legs.
Some Cambrian fossils show similarities with arthropods, but their relationships are uncertain.

First known fossil occurrence: Cambrian.

Last known fossil occurrence: Quaternary. This group has living relatives.

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