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Miguasha National Park

Miguasha National Park Fossils:

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Location: South-eastern Quebec on the southern coast of the Gaspé peninsula

Time: 370 million years ago, during the Devonian period

About this Famous Find: Discovered in 1842, the paleontological site of Miguasha National Park is considered to be the world's most outstanding illustration of the Devonian Period known as the "Age of Fishes." Dating from 370 million years ago, the Upper Devonian Escuminac Formation represented here contains five of the six fossil fish groups associated with this period. Its significance stems from the discovery of the highest number, and best-preserved, fossil specimens of the lobe-finned fishes that gave rise to the first four-legged, air-breathing terrestrial vertebrates — the tetrapods. At least 21 species of fish have been recovered at Miguasha, including Eusthenopteron foordi. Miguasha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Parks (2 listings)

Miguasha Park, Quebec, a Canada World Heritage Site: The fossiliferous beds of the Escuminac Formation yield over 21 species of Devonian fish, including beautifully preserved placoderms. This site provides a short description and some photos.

Miguasha National Park: This site provides all one needs to know before visiting the park -- its fossils, services, accomodations, etc.

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