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Maine State Fossil, Pertica quadrifaria: Fact sheet describing Maine's state fossil, the early land plant Pertica quadrifaria.

Introduction to the "Green Algae": This set of pages from the UC Museum of Paleontology introduces the fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology of the "green algae".

Introduction to Cnidaria: These pages from the UC Museum of Paleontology discuss the fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology of the Cnidarians.

SkeletalDrawing.com: An anatomical resource for artist and amateurs who want to learn about the science behind restoring prehistoric animals, with an emphasis on dinosaurs. Includes many skeletal reconstructions.

Utah’s Wildlife in the Ice Age: This site, from the Utah Geological Survey, features a summary of northern Utah fossils, giving us a deeper understanding of wildlife that came before us.

Geology of British Columbia: A description of the geologic and tectonic history of the province.

Enchanted Learning's Dinosaur Fossils Found in Canada: A list of dinosaurs found in Canada, by province.

Fossils of Northern British Columbia: A nice site with information on fossils in general, life through time from a BC perspective, BC fossil localities, and more.

Carrot River Valley Fossils: A page describing the fossils recovered from the Carrot River Valley, Saskatchewan.

Quaternary Geology of the Yukon Territory: A pdf describing the Quaternary geology of the Yukon Territory.

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