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History of Paleontology (page 1 of 1)

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The Importance of Fossils: A short history of paleontology in Mexico written in May 2000.

Dinosaurios en México: A history of dinosaur discoveries in Mexico.

The Bone Feud: The Bone Feud is a novel about the fossil feud between paleontologists Edward Drinker Cope and O.C. Marsh in the 1870s. It's a fictionalized but well-researched and entertaining take on the story, and is quite suitable for young adults.

Hadrosaurus.com: Scientific and historical information about the first dinosaur skeleton from North America, a duck-billed dinosaur called Hadrosaurus.

Native American Fossil Legends: Features Native American fossil discoveries and interpretations gathered by the site's author, from literary, archaeological, historical sources and from oral traditions and her interviews with American Indians about traditional fossil knowledge. Content is changed every few months.

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