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Invertebrate Paleontology Image Gallery: Peabody Museum of Natural History: A gallery of display-quality fossil images from the research collections in the Division of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Peabody Museum. Specimen and locality information accompanies each image when possible.

North American Stromatolites: An image gallery and brief descriptive information about stromatolites in North America.

3D Museum: A website maintained by the Vertebrate Paleobiology Lab at the University of California, Davis, that explores ways of communicating 3D morphological data over the Internet. Includes 3D images of extinct and extant organisms.

Morphobank: MorphoBank (supported by the National Science Foundation) is an online database and workspace for evolutionary research, specifically systematics (the science of determining the evolutionary relationships among species). One can think of MorphoBank as two databases in one: one that permits researchers to upload images and affiliate data with those images (labels, species names, etc.) and a second database that allows researchers to upload morphological data and affiliate it with phylogenetic matrices. In both cases, MorphoBank is project-based, meaning a team of researchers can create a project and share the images and associated data exclusively with each other. When a paper associated with the project is published, the researchers can make their data permanently available for view on MorphoBank where it is now archived.

Falls of the Ohio Fossil Photos on Facebook: A collection of photographs of fossils taken at the State Park.

Falls of the Ohio Fossil Photos: Indiana Memory Project: This archive contains several photos of fossils from the Falls of the Ohio. Do an advanced search for "fossil" to find the images.

Michigan Basin Specimen Database: This site showcases Michigan Basin fossils from the private collections of Friends of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology and select specimens from the University of Michigan collection, including type specimens.

Royal Ontario Museum dinosaur images: An excellent collection of dinosaur fossil images, many of the fossils represented being from Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. There are also many photos of museum displays and photos taken in the field.

Fossils From The Savage Canyon Formation, Nevada: Images of fossil leaves and insect from the famous middle Miocene Savage Canyon Formation, Nevada.

Fossil Giant Sequoia Foliage From Nevada: Image of the youngest fossil foliage of giant sequoia yet discovered, with explanatory text.

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