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Sternberg Museum of Natural History: This museum in Hays, associated with Fort Hays State University, features exhibits and educational programs on a variety of topics include paleontology.
K-12 URL: http://www.fhsu.edu/sternberg/education/

University of Alaska Museum of the North--Arctic Dinosaurs and More: This is the principal natural history museum of Alaska and the Arctic. It features collections & exhibits of Arctic dinosaurs, Quaternary mammals, including unequaled mummified remains,Teriary and Mesozoic collections of mollusks.

The Cooper Channel: From the Dr. John D. Cooper Center Archaeological and Paleontological Center, comes the Cooper Channel. A channel dedicated to producing educational shows for all ages that focus on Orange County paleontology and archaeology.

Western Science Center: Riverside County's premier natural history museum! The Western Science Center features Ice Age mammal collections, as well as early European settlement and Native American archaeological material. With hands-on interactives, rotating temporary exhibitions, and a wide variety of community programs, the Western Science Center is fun for the whole family!
K-12 URL: http://www.westerncentermuseum.org/teachers-pages/

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology: The only paleontology museum in the world located on a high school campus. Located in Claremont, CA, the museum offers numerous programs for students.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science: The mission of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is to promote understanding and appreciation of Mississippi's biological diversity through collections, research, scientific data bases, education, and exhibits; and to inspire the people of our state to respect the environment and to preserve natural Mississippi.
K-12 URL: http://www.mdwfp.com/museum/html/education/materials.asp

Dinosphere: Reflecting life over 65 million years ago, Dinosphere is a museum exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis featuring a number of Cretaceous dinosaurs. The related web site includes educational games and interactive Web activities. The website also includes a virtual tour, visitor's information, and background on the specimens featured in the exhibit.
K-12 URL: http://www.childrensmuseum.org/dinosphere/teachers/about.html

New Jersey State Museum: The web site for the museum includes information about ongoing research, exhibitions and programing. The Natural History Bureau of the New Jersey State Museum has active paleontological research in Paleozoic conulariids and other marine invertebrates, the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, and vertebrate fossils of all ages.

Garvies Point Museum official website: Garvies Point Museum and Preserve is located on Long Island's north shore in New York State. We are a center for regional geology research. Our exhibits deal with regional (Long Island and New York State) geology, fossilization and minerology and the ehnography and archaeology of northeastern Native Americans. Our exhibit "Drifitng Lands and Ancient Seas" details the geology of New York State coordinated with plate tectonics.

Georgia Museum of Natural History: The museum offers exhibits and programs in a variety of fields, including paleontology.
K-12 URL: http://naturalhistory.uga.edu/htmldocs/museum_info.asp#educationoutreach

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